Quality is the key, every time

My history is one of warning and inching my way forward (and upwards ) just when I was totally confident of adding more elevation with really no possibility of detection. Detection may come from a number of things — not the desire! But if you tell no one you are interested in being able to do it. At its lowest levels — including less than 3″ or 8cm — you must never ever have some issues. However, my main point in this piece is detection and about quality, and my own history.

I’m in my late 30s and unusually for that time, I started adding height. So I’ve had the best aspect of two decades which makes me taller — starting with a inch or two of socks and homemade lifts in my own boots and coaches (not that comfy, but it did the trick!) , moving on to bigger lifts of adding the maximum height shoes and more sophisticated methods. And finally — and not long ago — taking the plunge and going for elevators shoes.


Before going for that which I know to be way the choice when adding height quality elevators, why did I wait patiently?

It was because of this history of elevators and how awful the older ones were. As soon as I started adding height I’d kinda. The late 90s was the days of mass internet and the amount was a portion of what it has become now. Today you’ll be able to place in hunts for’6 inch elevators’,’lift vases’, etc etc and loads of stuff comes up, pictures, businesses etc.. It was essentially also what DID emerge was heroically stuff and virtually zero. Clumpy things that ceased at about size 8 or 9, old fashioned.

And clearly lousy quality. And as a guy with a feeling of style I looked in the 1950s design stuff and ruled them out — working in nightclubs you are to some degree fashion conscious not or whether you rather like it! The largest clincher however was that these confections were obviously very very poor quality to go with their appearance. And pricey for quality. So I stuck with fashion wear and tear made do with lifts that were added.