Have the right to stroll by the sea.

For those who prefer the charm that only Africa can provide, Madagascar is the place. Off the coast of Africa the island is a natural habitat for thousands of species such as lemurs and is rich in coral reefs and rainforests, beaches. Captivated by the famous Viale p baobab, an ancient tree lined dirt trail or bewitched by evocative villages, it’s easy to get lost in the magic of their environment. Sip on a cocktail on the beach whilst viewing sunsets that are unforgettable. The Nosy Be sandal will fit in perfectly; taking its title from an island off the coast of Madagascar.


At length, that the Caribbean is the ideal place for lovers of the sun, sea and beautiful beaches. The Cayman Islands, in the western Caribbean, are famed for snorkelling and beach hotels and scuba diving opportunities. Nature and comfort in a location that never disappoints.

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