Gradually increase inches and keep them comfortable

“Again I was astonished that nobody, only nobody, had really made any kinda observation that I was getting taller,” he told me. “I was very worried it would be’Yikes. He has shot up’. None of that. My mates at work boots, my family, my girlfriend. I might have experienced the odd occasional remark along the lines of’you’re taller than I thought’ but even that was not probing or questioning — it was a rather statement of truth. And it wasn’t just like’oh God you’re tiny and now you are massive’. It had been the kinda thing you say when you visit someone and comment, like as if they have been working out and then 1 day a bit of muscle reveals in the t-shirt”. By this point, Greg was hitting 6′ at this point very very comfortable with the inclusion and quite easily. He was adding incrementally, bit by bit and it was working — the’boiling frog’ principle (a nasty analogy but it is often employed!) . During this, it seemed to me he managed to do it right (with a little bit of guidance!) Not crashing around in a set of suddenly acquired max 5″ boots with done nothing to prepare the planet for the New Tall Greg! Surely he didn’t need to perform too much costly and time wasting experimentation (I had had to perform over time ). Now Greg wants to be as tall as possible but realized that the phases needed to be exercised given his casual height shoes. “I believe I realized that wearing 5″ lifts regularly in my height and in my lifestyle/situation was going to have to be carefully thought through, and in the end I decided no, I will stick to 4″ complete max day to day, but find some 5″ elevators for very special — nights out, maybe situations where I will meet other tall guys socially like my girlfriend’s brother who’s really 6’2”.


So that is what he did in the end. Everybody does in footwear. He’s less than an extra 3″ which is approximately 6′ and strikes higher out on nights. If ever there was an example of doing it slowly, and getting acclimatized to the changes, Greg’s is it. He’s never felt uncomfortable or strange, never felt that people were wondering and looking anything in any way. Every advance that was slight that was fresh was made easier from a comfort and walkable point of view. And most significantly — the slow way in means that his improved elevation feels real and natural.