Art-How to improve the appearance of wearing shoes
With the colour of such elevators shoe, the suit should be way darker (or elevators lighter!) . The other compromise in this situation if you want that sort of suit leg, or that trendy-at-times sneakers and match picture, is that you have to either go lower in height or go way more discreet — suit and boot the same color, then it’s possible to choose an inch or 2 OFF the leg and be certain that it’s really tailored tight in to sit right on the boot, not crumpling around show off the fantastic bulge of additional height. I’ve done this like with my skintight skinny jeans I use (black with black boots, almost always my 4″ ones) — in nature the whole area appears as one and blends in. But I stress I’ve done this with quality elevators that are made to seem right — these ones on RDJ (highest paid celebrity for a number of years) are clearly NOT right.
So had that suit been black it would have helped. Black and correctly hanging (just a bit of alteration) over the boot. Another incentive. The mistakes the man made are so simple to haven’t made. The secret being the boots must find some proper cover if they’re quite large (4″+) on your ordinary type of suit like this, or they need to be reduced. Colours shouldn’t clash like this unless the styling is modern and very trendy in a way that highlights the boots. Then they CAN shout at you. Really there IS an argument for wearing boots exposed and that I will tackle that of how to get the look right, along with other features — within the upcoming few articles. This is the beginning.