Teva Gift Guide: The City Slicker

We asked the members of our Explorers Collective to choose the Teva boots, you send them for the boots, also give them encourage for new adventures. It is the best compliment their style of adventure and curated a gift guide to help you pick the perfect pair for everyone on your holiday list.

When you’re crushing miles in a new city, your boots can’t fail. Photographer Shaun Daley shares his holiday gift picks that will keep your city slicker friends cruising in comfort: the Men’s Durban Leather Tall and the Women’s Foxy Leather boots.

Teva Gift Guide: The City Slicker

You guys spend a lot of time in nature, but you live in a city. So…thoughts on cities?

We do spend a bunch of time in nature, which causes us to be curious, experience new things, get inspired, find new outlooks and approaches. It makes sense that adventure is so associated with going off the grid, but if you drop yourself off in a city with the same outlook you would take into nature, cities are bustling with new things to be curious about and be inspired by. To us, that urban exploration is relatable to exploring nature—just with a different dress code.

So, you live in Portland, but you and your girlfriend, Kelly, decided to try out your shoes in Seattle. Any reason?

To keep it interesting.

What did you love most about Seattle?

We loved that it felt like a flashback to the grunge era. The Space Needle may appear to be all future like, but we kept getting hints of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, from the architecture to the music in the air. Maybe it’s the embellished 15-year effect, the areas of the city we happened to be in, or possibly the result of people trying to hang onto what we think must have been the golden era of the city: Grunge! It’s an era I wish I had the chance to be in the Pacific Northwest for and the Durban Leather Tall boots totally fit that vibe.

Teva Gift Guide: The City Slicker

What are your top three recommendations for a day out in Seattle?

Start in old town, it grounds you in what Seattle used to be like. Then, wander through downtown, making your way to Pike Place Market—it may top the tourist list, but in reality, it’s an impressive and well-functioning market every city should have. Lastly, pick a neighborhood; Seattle is split up into plenty of them. We chose Ballard. Eat and drink your way through that neighborhood and—bonus!—if it’s a nice day go to Gas Works park.

The holidays are coming up. Do you like that vibe in a city?

Ha, no. Too many people bursting with stress.

Teva Gift Guide: The City Slicker

What traditions are you into then?

This year we’re doing a destination Christmas, meeting my folks in Puerto Rico. Surfing, snorkeling, throwing back umbrella drinks. I wouldn’t mind this being a start of a tradition.

How did your Teva boots do on your city date?

It’s hard to come by a pair of boots that can stand up to the comfort and weather demands of walking five miles around a city while also looking slick. Let me just start with design and materials of the Durban Leather Tall boot and the Foxy Leather boot: So impressed. Both Kelly and I were hyped on how nice these boots looked, but what was really shocking was how comfortable they were on our feet all day, crushing miles.

Teva Gift Guide: The City Slicker

So, they’d make a good gift for the city slickers in our lives?

Comfort and fashion don’t always come so close to each other. If there’s a special someone who is fashion forward, and would appreciate some secret comfort, these shoes would be a solid gift.