Journal: The New Nomads

Words and photos by Brianna Madia. If you’ve been on the Internet in the last year, chances are you’ve seen photos of decked-out Sprinter vans, camper vans, and old Volkswagen buses, all made to look like mini wood-floored rolling apartments. You’ve also probably seen photos of the long-haired, new-aged nomads that call them home.  

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Journal: The Case For Rediscovering Adventure

 Words and photos by Chris Brinlee Jr. [ad·ven·ture] noun an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks. verb to proceed despite risk.   The word “adventure” has lost a lot of its meaning in today’s engagement-hungry, validation-starved, social-media-driven society. The word used to represent an experience where the participant stepped out of their comfort zone—often

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Journal: Hawaii and The Rubber Slipper

Words and photos by Tara Michie. In Hawaiʻi we like to surf, wear Aloha shirts, eat lots of rice, and wear rubber slippers. The slipper (pronounced “slippah” by locals) is a Hawaiian-style staple. Known elsewhere as thongs, flip flops, or sandals, the rubber slipper says a lot about Hawaiʻi’s multi-cultural history and island lifestyle.