Worn Well: Patterned Webbing

Men's feet against concrete wall wearing Teva sandals

The Teva Original was born in the Grand Canyon as two watchbands and a pair of flip flops, but it’s our patterned webbing designs that made the Original a true icon. From the classic Lizard jacquard webbing design that came through the loom more than 20 years ago to our newest collaboration with artist Benny Gold, pattern is part of our DNA.

Pattern has long been a way for artists to play with composition, and repeating shapes and lines are something LA-based photographer Grant Puckett knows pretty well. He recently took three of our favorite patterned webbing sandal styles—the Women’s Flatform Universal, the Men’s Hurricane XLT and the Men’s Original Universal Benny Gold— for a day trip around town for his own kind of pattern play.

“The patterned webbing on our Teva sandals added a fun component to shooting,” says the Teva Explorer. “They created an element of individuality to all of the backdrops we shot. We were able to get creative, utilizing the colors and shapes on our Teva sandals and how they interacted with the environment.

The patterned webbing on Teva sandals is an exciting addition to my typically monochromatic wardrobe. They act as personal statement pieces, giving my outfits a creative voice.

We found a great area of Belmont Shores that allowed us to play with light, perspective, and the vividness of our surroundings. Marianna and I took turns photographing each other, motivated by the creativity of one another.”

Grant Puckett wearing Teva Originals

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