Journal: Uncovering Cuba

Women leaning on vintage car Cuba

Words and photos by Tara Michie.

When my friends invited me to Cuba, I jumped at the opportunity because, until recently, it was a little tricky to travel to Cuba as a U. S. citizen. I booked my flight three days before my trip, packing my Teva Original Universal Premier sandals just as hastily. This was the first time I was traveling to a country that once had boarders closed to U.S. citizens. I did very little research prior to my trip, but as I was browsing forums one contributor’s comment stuck with me:

“Millions of Americans have already visited Cuba, but everyone arriving this week is under the illusion that he/she is the first one to discover Cuba and the last one to see it before it is no longer an independent country.”

Women pose next to graffiti in Cuba

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