Journal: The New Nomads

Keith Madia smooths Brianna Madia's hair sitting in van

Words and photos by Brianna Madia.

If you’ve been on the Internet in the last year, chances are you’ve seen photos of decked-out Sprinter vans, camper vans, and old Volkswagen buses, all made to look like mini wood-floored rolling apartments. You’ve also probably seen photos of the long-haired, new-aged nomads that call them home.


“This quest for freedom is chalked up to a trend.”


#VanLife consistently ranks as one of the top trending hashtags, with entire Instagram pages and blogs dedicated to the process of buying a van, building it out, hitting the road, and never looking back. And despite the fact that the van life community ranges from young singles to married couples to families with small children to retirees, this ultimate quest for freedom is often chalked up to a “millennial trend.”

Woman's feet by Teva Alp sandals in desert

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