Field Notes: Peru

Man walking horse in Andes Peru

Words and photos by Abigail Demyanek.

My friend Rachel and I started out our trip to Peru in a rush: I booked our tickets incorrectly and we were forced to leave an entire day earlier than expected. I geared up in a hurry, passport clutched in hand, my Teva Original Universal Premier sandals and Arrowood sneakerboots in my bag, ready for this new experience.

The first stop in Peru was Lima. As we drove into the center of Lima (Plaza de Armas), we stumbled onto a Peruvian celebration, where decorated dancers celebrated on the streets for hours. Bright, vibrant colors and loud song and dance — it felt as if though the streets were pulsing with life. When visiting Lima, be sure to check out Plaza de Armas and tour the Parque del Amor by bike. Feet resting van seat

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