adidas New York “Granit”

Gary Aspden and Mike Chetcuti made a huge discovery when they visited Argentinia. They found the sportswear store of ‘Carlos’ that didn’t change much over the last decades when they did researches on an Argentinian sneaker collector. They found thousands of 70s and 80s adidas trainers, track suits and other apparel. It was kind of the day, adidas SPZL was born.

Later, they came back with musician Ian Brown, UK collector Robert Brooks, their photographer Neil Bedford and Greg Bond, a film maker. The resulting documentary went around the world and made Carlos and his store famous overnight.

The team also found some (more or less) lost silhouettes, including a special 80s running silhouette that will be re-released now. The New York silhouette was already brought back in a limited ‘Carlos’ version and a granit colorway in 2015 – the latter will hit the retailers during the next days.

The adidas New York “Granit” is available very soon via stores such as Inflammable, 43einhalb and Asphaltgold – and others already have them in stock! (on feet pict by inflammable)

adidas New York “Granit” adidas New York “Granit” adidas New York “Granit” adidas New York “Granit”


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