Sneaker Consignment Shop Sells Fake Yeezys And Refuses To Refund Money

To trust the source of your sneaker purchases is absolutely huge, especially when dropping copious amounts of cash. One of the more coveted items is the Yeezy Boost 350 and sadly counterfeits of this sneaker run rampant throughout the secondary market. Redditor intensetrash26 purchased a pre-owned pair of the Turtle Doves from sneaker consignment shop kolorblind in San Diego for $1,700, and unfortunately they turned out to be counterfeit. While it’s understandable for a pair of fakes to slip under the radar, what’s not acceptable is the shop refusing to refund the customer. He says he was offered $1,000 in store credit, but he rightfully refused that offer. kolorblind has since blocked the customer on social media and has not made any further attempts to rectify the situation.

yeezy boost 350- kolorblind

yeezy boost  350 kolorblind fake

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